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Heidi Winzinger:

Heidi for your House Concert

A House Concert, hosted in a home, historic site or church is a way to turn a special space into a live, casual, and unplugged music venue for one night.  By hosting, you are supporting the arts and keeping the folk traditions alive and thriving.  It's both the past and the future of folk music.

Hosting is relatively easy.  Just invite 25 or more friends, family, or neighbors to the concert.  Gather chairs, patio furniture, or ask your guest to bring a camp chair with them.  Arrange the seating in concert style and pick a place where the lights can be dimmed a bit to ad some concert "atmosphere".  

When inviting folks to come, let them there know there will be a suggested donation.  Normally for a concert in a home a donation of $10 for adults is standard especially if they are bringing a dish to share.  If it feels wired to be charging your friends, simply put a jar with a sign that reads:$10 Suggested Donation, Kids free!, All proceeds go to the musicians.... Or, if you are hosting a house concert in a more public location, you can use this event as a fundraiser and a way to show off a certain venue, like a church, historic site or arts center.  In these cases, depending on food offered, the proceeds can go to that venue and the musician and tickets can go from $15-$50 for adults depending on your crowd.  

Normally the main musician will play a 45 minute set.  Then take a 15 minute intermission, and come back for a slightly shorter set.  Typically they start at 7 PM and are over by 9 PM.  It ends up being not just a night of great music, but a fun social event too!

House Concerts hosted in a private home, historic site or church are casual, but intimate listening parties!  To learn more about hosting, or to set up a concert in your home, email me at


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